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Celebrating My 100th Order!


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Hey Fiverr sellers/buyers.

I’M pretty happy to cross my 100th order today and I feel great to be a part of this wonderful family of talented, spirited, artistic, cututal, loving and phenominal people, who’re rocking the show out!

My first month, I joined fiverr just hoping to get an order and sadly, I took one month to think about what i can do!!

LOL!! you must be laughing out loud at me, but yea I was so dumb i couldn’t think of “what i can offer”, But then i used my “special head” to get everything started and within 3 days of my first gig, A generous buyer arrived. And from then, I’ve never looked back so far. I think this is just a dime of success in my life, but yes I’m very particular to mention how my journey went on.

I just want to thank everyone for your support, and Fiverr!! I always descrive Fiverr as “The best marketplace where people can showcase even the minute talents god has given them and earn money” and yes I think you agree with me.

This is not a post from a TOP GUY, and I’m not a TOP Rated seller yet (hehe! I’ll be there soon :D) but I just wanted to put a post as a token of gratitude.

I pledge to move to far more heights and spread this success to my fellow sellers.


Profitgroup 😉

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