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What have I learned in my 11 months of Fiverr journey


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thanks for such a informative post.By the way i wanna know some about a great buyer request.

Something how can i start, and gradually what type of sentences make it special.


Sorry for my late reply. Be direct and make it short.

The most important thing is, analyze the project before sending the request. Believe it or not, it will put you in the top 10% of other people.

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Thanks for your valuable information but need to know more about you said about getting underpaid. Are you saying that the freshers on fiverr should sell on low costing?

If you are just starting out, your first and foremost priority should be to get a few good reviews and build your portfolio. If you think you are getting underpaid, that’s okay for the first few orders.

But once you have a few good reviews and get a consistent stream of enquiry, you should revise the prices so that you can be rewarded well for your time and hard work.

It’s just my opinion.

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