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Let Buyers Add to Existing Purchases

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At least 1 or 2 times a week I deal with a buyer where we end up wanting to adjust the terms of the sale after it has been made.

Either they buy a basic gig and they want to upgrade, or they want to add some multiples, or the scope changes and I ask for more $, or whatever. Whenever these situations come up, they are almost always looking to add additional gigs to their purchase; I don’t think I have ever had a request ever to scale back a purchase or take away gigs.

Each and every time, I end up having to essentially find some way to ‘make it work’ to spare myself cancellations that would otherwise come of this.

For example, I’ll tell someone to ‘buy 2 empty gigs and we’re even’, or whatever. Just told a guy today who bought a $5 gig and wanted a $40 extra but forgot to buy it that I’d rather he buy 8x empty gigs on a separate sale and call it square rather than me cancelling his $5 order and having him re-purchase the gig the way he intended.

The drawback of this is that it causes projects to deviate from the built in schedule and deadline, and people are getting deliverables that don’t correspond to orders, empty deliveries are being made, etc. Gets messy, in other words.

Offering buyers the ability to fully add additional extras and multiples to orders would prevent a lot of this hassle and confusion and ‘custom deal making’ that I assume almost every major seller deals with at least semi-regularly, AND offer buyers a way to at least partially mitigate some of their cancellations.

Good idea?

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