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Buyer - Want to delete old orders


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Please can someone direct me to what is Fiverr 2 interface where someone said you can delete your orders you no longer want in the system.

I suggested this a quite some time ago but still do not see an option to remove completed orders. I have been using fiverr for long while and no longer need many of the gigs I purchased and get frustrated to have to go looking through close to 200 when I want to find one I do want to keep.

What is Fiverr 2 and does this have this feature?

Thanks, D

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That is really disappointing. I have over 100 completed orders and I dont need most of them anymore. I want to archive them or delete them so I can clean up my inbox and keep handy only those that are still of importance to me.

They could create an archive old orders at least so we can put them somewhere besides having to search through all of them. I think this would be a good feature for Fiverr to consider. Thanks, D!

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