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Uploading Gig Video and Thumbnail Image - Separated

Guest xvokvisuals

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Guest xvokvisuals


I have noticed that there’s a difference in quality between the gig video thumbnail and the remaining gig images.

This might not happen to everyone, but in my case I have to decrease the value of the target bitrate when rendering the video so that the video file stays below the 50MB limit, and this lowers the quality of the video. Logically the video thumbnail reflects the video quality and it ends up looking slightly blurrier than the rest of the gig images.

I want to suggest adding a Thumbnail Image upload slot to the Gig Video upload section, so that:

  1. Sellers like me have the opportunity to have a clear and good quality default gig image, despite having to reduce the quality of the video to fit the file size limit.
  2. Remove the need to insert a thumbnail image somewhere in the video.

Here’s a visual representation of what it could look like:

Gig Video Thumbnail840×334 62 KB
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