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A little tip for those who are hoping to be long term sellers on Fiverr


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Hey guys, I have a little tip to help those who are planning to be sellers on Fiverr for long into the future.

Sometimes when selling alot, you might get a buyer who is a little more difficult than the others. The buyer might make demands that you weren’t really planning to add to the gig, things that will take alot more time than is really worth the amount they paid (Like if they continually ask you for “redos”), sometimes they might even speak to you rudely or treat you poorly.

In these situations it’s very easy to get short with them to mirror the way they are treating you.

The tip is simple: Go the extra mile for your customers, even the difficult ones.

If they are rude to you, respond with nothing but understanding and kindness. If they ask you to put in more effort or to do redo after redo, just do so (if you really can’t do it, just politely tell them so and give them the option to cancel the order for a refund, including keeping the originals you made for them.)

Sometimes you might think “Doing this is not worth $5”… and you might be right, but the truth is, you are getting more than just the money the buyer is paying you. You are building a feedback record that reflects on your customer service and builds a foundation of credibility for your gig which later leads to more sales.

If you respond to a rude buyer in a rude way, you are much more likely to receive a negative review and this will reflect badly not only on that one gig, but your whole seller’s profile which will detract from the amount of sales you might have gotten in the future. Unfortunately when a potential buyer sees negative feedback, they might judge your gig without knowing what actually led to that bad feedback and if it was justified or not.

So if you planning on being around and making sales for a long time, remember that building up feedback is important so always go the extra mile for your customers, even the most difficult ones.

**Also, if someone does leave you unfair feedback, send Fiverr a message and let them know what happened. If you have done everything you were supposed too as a seller and someone unfairly left bad feedback anyway, there is a chance that Fiverr will remove the bad feedback

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Good advice. Really I would recommend to new sellers. But I don’t like being the buyer’s b**ch. I believe its equally important to have clear guidelines on what is expected on delivery. How many redos and revisions etc. Otherwise, bad buyers can take advantage and have you do $25 work for just $5. Also, you can’t always keep overdelivering work for same $5. What about the other buyers who aren’t difficult but have to suffer because you’re so busy trying to please the rude obnoxious one that you make them wait.

In short, I agree with your contribution but I believe there should be a limit on overwork.

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That is a good point Kim, because some buyers just want you to do tonnes of work for the first fiver and are not prepared to make it a fair transaction, there are only so many hours in a day and then other customers may have to suffer. It might be a good idea to put that you will do one free redo for the customer if their information was not complete or they are not happy with the way you did the first copy (ie it is your error) but that further redos because the buyer changed their mind will need to be ordered as an extra gig? You could tell them that politely when they ask for the first redo. If you have a copy of that conversation (which you would on here) you can then present all the information to customer services if they leave bad feedback at the end of the second draft maybe?

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