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A Spam Buyer who got request work and asked for cancellation


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Today I came across a profile ‘************’ where the buyer submitted a very simple request of 5 image effects (pan and zoom) to be added on an audio file under my ‘Video Editing’ category which I run.
This buyer also sent a video which had the same thing. I simply had to copy it. I was also told that this is a test gig.

Original Submission
“Using the audio and images provided, replicate the original video (original_video.mov) as accurately as possible. This video includes position, opacity, rotation, and scale transformations. You will be evaluated on the accuracy of your animation.
When you have completed this exercise, render it as H.264 with Adobe Media Encoder (This should give you .mp4)
Submit it to Brightspace.
video Details: 720x480, 24fps, 32 seconds”

After delivery, this user requested a modification.

“did you add any any animation” This is the question in ‘request modification’

Followed by a cancellation.

When I further asked, I found the conversations displeasing and abusive and this buyer only wanted to cancel.
I’m not sure what system fiverr has in place for users who abuse women all the time and take advantage of cancellations after work has been delivered.
This has happened to me so many times and I’m a fairly new seller.

I just wanted to bring this incident in light there here so everyone could read and if anyone has any advice on how to deal with these buyers, please respond.

Good Day

Mod Note: Username removed. A Spam Buyer who got request work and asked for cancellation

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