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Advice on making a silhouette dance music video


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I have a client who is totally in love with

Now he wants me to produce something similar for a new product launch. Up to this point, I’ve produced several videos using Fiverr-- all using stock footage.

This video will need to be totally different.
Looking for advice, as I have limited to no experience working with sellers in these specific fields.
1, Create Song(s): Hire composer/jingle-artist/dj-drops?/dj
2, Hire dancers: I think I would probably need them in the US/Canada bc I’d like to send them the product (it’s a hard seltzer) – maybe hire 3-4 different dancers? or just one?
3, Find a video editor who can put it all together. Color grade, cool video effects. Should I contact this seller b4 I hire dancers, so I can give thew dancer’s better direction?

Thanks for your time. Appreciate any advice you may have.

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That’s an interesting situation.
I think the first step is actually a storyboard, or contacting and discussing the options with dancers (capability to record in that kind of studio setup). The music is important for the mood/tone, but it won’t matter if you acquire music that is too hard to dance too, or doesn’t suit the product or brand. The video they like is all framed around a sensual experience, for example, but your client might want to market/brand their product as ‘fun and bubbly’ or ‘surprising and unexpected’.
The video editor… you do want to contact somewhat early, but anyone who’s skilled in custom transitions or color grade should be able to work with whatever footage you get, especially if you already have that storyboard.

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Guest humanissocial

Why would you agree to do a project if you don’t know how to do it?

Even if it’s just the project management flow you’re struggling with agreeing to that if you don’t know the process opens up a whole can of worms.

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