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PayPal Money Conversion


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I have experienced in losing a lot exchange money. When i placed order for customized work of my website on Fiverr, I paid to Fiverr in US Dollar then PayPal converted money from Khmer Riel (my currency) to US Dollar. Then i lost money because of this exchange rate as i paid to PayPal in US dollar (PayPal invoice stated in US dollars) but my local bank released me billing statement as Khmer Riel.

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I don’t need to exchange the money as my account currency is already in US dollar and my currency setting in PayPal is US dollar.

I reached out to PayPal but no one replies.

Any thought to solve this exchange rate conversion issue?

Thank you,

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This is because of inflation. The US Dollar is fluctuating in value right now, and that may result in currency conversion amounts that you aren’t expecting. No nation’s currency remains the same – monetary value is always changing, as economic factors change and fluctuate. And, as you may know, the world is experiencing a major economic upheaval right now in this COVID pandemic. Currency conversions are fluctuating, and, if some predictions are correct… more fluctuations are likely as this pandemic continues – especially in the USA (where the Dollar is based).

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to change this. The economy(ies) control the Dollar.

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