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From +700 impressions to -200 impressions


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Hello! I’m really frustrated and needs to know why my gig fell down from making orders everyday in jully to not making any order in august even though i have:
100% Order completion
100% Response rate
100% Delivered on time
56 reviews with 5 STARS
isn’t that supposed to make my gig rank up?


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Please see:

What can you do when your sales have suddenly plummeted? For many people the solution is simple - come on to the forum and complain about something else which “must” have caused this. It is probable that an outside force has caused you to not get as many sales. What is also probable is that you have no control over this “outside force”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good rant or moan every now and then as much as the next guy but I never expect my moan or rant to actually change anything. When …
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