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Not everything is for $5 raise your budget [ARCHIVED]


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Reply to @ynneblack: I must comment in response to yours. It makes TONS of sense to be here at Fiverr. I will not mention any names, but I know a homeless person right now who is a seller on Fiverr.

They are hoping to get enough sales to

quit their full time job as a beggar. Fiverr is a godsend to them.

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yess I agree, but new sellers have to do this to gain attention otherwise no one will come for them. I too worked under price to fetch buyers and now at least I am level one seller. I Still have some good gigs, one should check out.

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I take issue with the raise your budget premise and unrealistic expectations concept somewhat. The point remains valid, albeit on a case-by-case basis.

The marketplace here is called Fiverr. It’s for $5 offers. It’s based on a concept of “What would you do for $5”. A concept amplified from $1 decades ago and from which the advertising slogan “What would you do for Klondike bar” was based upon.

In industrialized “first-world” countries $5 won’t buy you much. It’s payment for a fraction of an hour of labor/employee/worker time.

In emerging new markets, where labor demands and gets less, $5 can buy quite a bit. We see that in part as a leveraged outsourcing abroad (something that has been going on for decades and that has massively picked up in the last decade and global bust economy in old big wealth economies.

$5 in a wholesale market in emerging markets buys real things. Take electronics for example, where $5 will buy interesting LED lights, complete programmable sensor boards, certainly multiple garments, etc.

Where $5 doesn’t make sense and isn’t sustainable is in professional services niches, where research and material production happens on per-order basis. Read: custom services.

But, even in said professional service niches where made-to-order is the problem and cost center, how much of said product is original? The less original and more rehash it is, in theory the lower the product should be able to be offered for.

Me, I have little dollar value placed upon my free time, which I pretend to have in abundance. This is where a marketplace like Fiverr comes in to monetize some of my otherwise “wasted” free time.

If you are a seller on Fiverr, nothing wrong with addons/upselling. Your business, the products you offer might be time sewers. Just disclose the realistic estimate of true costs up front in the gig description. Saves buyers time, saves you bad feedback.

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Guest joethorn

I’ve seen quite a few arguements in gig feedbacks due to this.

Seller: 'What did you really expect for $5?!'

Buyer: ‘Everything!’

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Last night I ordered the gig for $5 from:


Just got a message that its actually cost $15 and I need to send another $10.

I didn’t see anywhere (and still don’t) on that page that sales letter cost $15.

I wouldn’t mind paying that if it said $15, but now I’ll just probably go to the next one in line.

Advertise what you will do for $5, not what you won’t do.

My 2 cents.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

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Found a gig advertised as “I will develop ios app for you for $5”. The only other details were "I will develop ios app for your iphone and ipad

feel free to contact

your idea my code 🙂

must contact before putting any order its request"

Nothing about adding Extra Gigs. OBVIOUSLY you’re not going to get Angry Birds for $5 but this seller needs to be a bit more specific! Don’t advertise an ios app for $5 if you can’t produce an ios app for $5.

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I’m a new buyer. My seller negotiated with me on upselling and budget increases. Because he spent more time, presented his best work and attend to my needs it was easy for me to increase the budget. He didn’t require it of me, but he simply asked and stated that it was not a necessity, but a negotiation since I wanted several versions and various color modifications.

He was reasonable and so was I. I understand not every seller and buyer will have a happy ending.

Welcome to Business…!!


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Guest swagdesi

Reply to @quentinventures: Even I agree with this.

I design Social Networking Website for my clients. And sometimes buyer ask me to design the whole website for $5.00 and I am like do you really thing that to create a website is worth $5.00 and that too a social networking website.

And they reply that you are here on Fiverr and here everything is for $5.00 😛

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