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Impressions are fair enough but clicks and orders are very less. If you can share your experience regarding this issue that would be appreciated ! Thank you


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Guys, these statistics mean nothing, if you aren’t connecting to your target customers. Impressions are not a success stat, they merely indicate that people are searching for gigs like yours – and your gig shows up among the results. Ignor the impressions, and focus on being a buyer who provides gigs that lots of people are clicking on – and hiring you to complete.

So many sellers, here on Fiverr, have absolutely no idea how to be successful and earn sales. Fiverr is not a place where you create gigs, and magically have all sorts of customers. You can’t jump from the “create a gig” step, and land on the “make lots of money” without the many steps in between.

If you want to earn orders, and have interested people hire you, you can’t skip over the research, understanding, experimenting, and promotion steps. Sellers who skip over these steps – and there are thousands of them here on Fiverr – usually fail. Please stop failing, and start DOING.

Sitting around waiting for orders, will not result in orders. That’s not how this works.

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