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Seller requests extension, then delivers order needing massive revision


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Hi, I ordered a gig for a seller to build a page in some software I have. Unusually, this meant that I was able to see when work began. The delivery date was 4 days after I ordered the gig, and when the order was due I could see no work had been started.

Then I got a request for revision, stating personal issues, which I granted against my gut instinct because I felt it’d be better to let them continue than have to start looking again for someone to do it.

They then created something which did not resemble what I asked for at all, in just a few hours, and delivered the order with a picture of a small part of the order that did look like the brief (and excluded the main part which did not).

I’ve of course asked for revision, but I have a feeling that this person is working the system somehow, but don’t quite know what.

I just don’t want to lose my money, how do I make sure that I get the order that I asked for, or my money back?


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You can ask for a cancellation by raising a dispute on the order page. If the seller refuses to cancel, contact CS and ask them.

For the future, probably your best bet is to search for a seller who charges a reasonable fee. Then give them a small test job, which will let you know whether or not they can do the bigger job.

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