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Greetings from ruffashlar from South Africa

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Hi everyone. I’m looking forward to this Fiverr journey and also seeing all the great potential that is out there.

I’m an ex CEO of a venture capital company, commodities trader and investment banker, and all round entrepreneur with several companies under my belt. Nowadays I prefer to live a more simple off-grid life with my uber permaculture, biodynamic, organic partner. Together with chainsawing down trees and tending our goats and pigs, she keeps me sane and healthy, with time to write and assist others on their journeys.

Out of interest, a rough ashlar is a masonic symbol meaning a rough hewn stone, that needs to be dressed by the stonemason to become a perfect ashlar. It is symbolic of our journey through life as we continually improve ourselves. I’m also a 30th degree freemason and that path has been philosophically useful and fun. However, I am more interested in the new world order that society is busy creating, one where we drop the ego and work with Nature, instead of against her for our own selfish gain.

All the best to you and your families in these difficult times.

Warm regards,

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