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Chasing down Level 1 in 60 day minimum


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It’s going to be a close one, but assuming my regulars stay regular and I get a couple gigs at literally any value, it looks like I’ll be hitting level 1 as soon as I hit the 60 day requirement. 🙂

I took a long break from freelancing to pursue novel writing full time, but that itch remained. This is my first time working without an agency, and it feels good. I’d say it feels far better than just getting assignments handed to you.

So far, my experience on Fiverr has been a lot more personal, a lot more passionate than I ever would have imagined. None of it is mill work, all between 5 and 10 cents a word so far. Every order has a story or a dream behind it. I’m pretty invested now, setting aside pretty much all of my discretionary writing time (25 hours a week) for present and new clients. And I’d seriously consider slowing down my novel release schedule if I pick up more regular clients.

It will be a tall order to hit level 2 in the minimum, but I’m having a blast either way!

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