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How to Effectively Cross Sell on Fiverr


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Hi guys & gals,

My name is Jaymes. In this forum post I’m going to let you in on how I successfully cross sell on Fiverr.

What is cross selling? Simply put, it’s when you’ve already sold a gig to your buyer and then sold them yet another gig you own. Not to be confused with upselling.

Let me tell you how I cross sell on Fiverr.

I am a marketer and copywriter by trade and provide press releases for my buyers. A press release is normally comprised of three main sections:

  1. Title and sub-heading
  2. Body content
  3. Boilerplate

    I provide the first two items within my press release gig. I don’t however, provide the boilerplate. A boilerplate is the ‘About Us’ section. Within my press release gig, I ask the reader if they want a boilerplate with their press release and then point them to my boilerplate gig.

    Once the buyer has ordered the gig, I once again ask the buyer if they have a boilerplate (in the message sent to the buyer) and tell them to order my boilerplate gig if they don’t have one. Many buyers that are ordering a press release for the first time won’t necessarily have a boilerplate, so spending a further five bucks on one is great value.

    To date, I cross sell my boilerplate gig on 80% of my press release gig orders. That’s a phenomenal rate.

    Is there something you’re doing for free that you could charge for when carrying out an order? If there is, inform your buyer by adding a link to your gig text and in the message sent to the buyer when they order your gig. You should see a healthy return.

    Let me and other Fiverrites know your cross selling experiences.

    Warm regards,

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