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Harassed by customer and account is in risk


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Let me explain the whole story here now. Actually the buyer was my old client and he used to give work before each time whenever he gives work he pays so so so less as compared to the market value of that work. But I accepted and delivered. This time he gave work related to data entry I did not have much work at that time there were around 370 rows on excel sheet. He wanted me to update names of topics + finding relevant images for those topics which are free to use + he wanted me to add screenshots of proof that those images are for commercial use. That work was so tough that a normal data entry operator could not have done. Still, I accepted and took my time to work the things out so that I can build a good relationship with that buyer later. I delivered it after 10 hours of constant working and guess what was he paying for it? 5$ lolzz. I made my mind to not accept more of excel sheet orders from him in the future. But after some time he offered me more work this time he offered 40$ and did not mention that these are 40$ for 8 worksheets. He sent a corrupted excel sheet. I tried my best to open it. The sheet did not open. I tried converting it online it still did not open. When I was left with no other option then I asked him to deliver it on google sheets. When I opened the sheet I saw that these were 333 rows and work is the same as it was done before. I thought he has realized that 5$ were so less for previous work that is why he will give me 40$ for this time. I accepted work. He said don’t work on live spreadsheet copy paste work on MS excel. I was an idiot I did not realize he will scam me here. I even sent him the sheet before delivering that work and he said its ok deliver work. When I delivered he said where are other 7 sheets? I said you sent me just one sheet. He sent that google sheet link again. When I opened it then I saw that there were 7 more tabs with rows around 300 to 400. I got shocked and started explaining to him what happened here. He did not listen. I said increase money you have tricked me here. He said cancel order. I tried to negotiate but he refused to offer more money. I was already scammed a lot before I made my mind to fight back. He opened dispute I declined. After some time CC cancelled my order and put my account under review and client had his money back.

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