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Response for Buyers in violation of fiverr TOS. What is yours like?


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How many of you have buyers that will ask you to violate the terms of service? Specifically they try to get you to make contact outside of fiverr. Does anyone have any “canned” responses they send? I have a response that I send buyers who have requests to violate the TOS and I am wondering if mine is too cold or is it not cold enough or just right… wondering what everyone else here does!

This is what I have been sending:


Thank you for your message.

As you can see I am a top rated seller here on fiverr and I take the fiverr terms of service very seriously and the fiverr terms of service clearly state that contact outside of fiverr is prohibited. You are requesting contact outside of fiverr which is in violation of the fiverr terms of service. I have NEVER, do NEVER and will NEVER violate the fiverr terms of service.

If you haven’t read the fiverr terms of service I suggest you do and consider this a warning.

I kindly ask you please do not contact me again requesting a service that is in violation of the fiverr terms of service. Lets all do our best to keep fiverr as the great place it is and a safe, respectful, place where the rules are observed. Thank you and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Uri Avi”

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Buyers send me personal contact info ALL THE TIME. For the most part, I really don’t think they have any negative intentions behind it. I just think they don’t bother to read the TOS and genuinely don’t know any better, even though sharing that kind of personal information with a stranger across the globe is a generally bad idea, regardless of Fiverr’s rules. I bet it’s much more common for people to not read TOS than actually take the time to look over and understand what they’re agreeing to. I mean, when iTunes updates for the fifth time in a week, I never bother to read their terms and conditions before clicking the ‘okay’ button. Therefore, I try to inform them of the issue without scolding them. My canned response is:

“Hi there, and thanks for the message. Unfortunately, I do not contact buyers outside of Fiverr, and I do not share any personal contact information with other Fiverr users. Please be aware that providing personal contact information or contacting other Fiverr users outside of Fiverr is against the Terms of Service and can get your account restricted or banned. Please read Fiverr’s Terms of Service for more information. If you have any questions or want to continue discussing my services, feel free to send me a message through Fiverr.”

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Reply to @nickih:

I think you are right. Most people probably do not read the TOS. I think your response is really good and it doesnt sound like you are scolding them either.

After looking at yours, maybe I will alter mine a bit to be a little gentler. Maybe mine sounds like scolding too much.

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Thank you for starting this topic!

This was helpful to me.

This has happened to me too a few times.

Sometimes, it is not that obvious what the buyer’s intentions are.

Some are even a bit sneaky at times, therefore it is not always that obvious. When it did happen to me, I have let them down gently. If they refused to get the message, I just stopped responding.

However, creating a standard message for these kinds of situations makes a lot of sense.

I wondered whether this happened on a regular basis or not.

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Reply to @uri_avi: I’m glad I could help. I’m sure that you certainly don’t mean to scold anyone. But I sometimes find that it’s better to take an extra-nice approach since tone and attitude can be hard to convey through simple text, and misunderstandings of the message sender’s attitude are common (unfortunately).

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I agree with the others - I don’t think most of them are meaning to break the TOS they are just not AWARE of it LOL!

How many times do you sign up for a forum or whatever without reading their 12,000 word TOS LOL!

HOW in the world did you make TRS in FOUR MONTHS???

Never heard of it that fast.

Are you kin to some of them or something LOL!




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I had wondered as well so I figured I would get this post started to hear what others have to say. It has been so helpful seeing how others respond! Like @nickih said she tries to simply inform them instead of scolding them.

Thank you and thank you! I put in lots of work!!! I always make sure I deliver on time and deliver high quality work and a lot of customer care!! I always want to make sure my buyers are happy!

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I’ve not had an awful lot of sales, about 25 and no one has yet to ask me for or send any of their personal contact info.

In the case that it does happen I will make sure to explain that I am not willing to contact anyone outside of the Fiverr site due to it being against the TOS.

I don’t really like canned responses to things so will just say it how I feel like.

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