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That is how you make your GiG best selling!

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Me and my friend started working on fiverr few months ago. Till last month,I only had few orders, but in comparison he was level 2 seller with 100 plus projects completed just in 2 and half months.
Finally, I asked him of his secrets. I am going to share his secrets that landed me 25 plus projects in 1 month and i am now level 1 seller too with almost 500 plus dollar earning in a month.
The trick is to land on First page.

Initially, when you start working you won’t get any projects from people but as soon as you get reviews people start to prefer you. So instead of using multiple gigs , focus to have one gig with at least 7 plus reviews. After 7-10 reviews your gig gets displayed over first 3 pages. But mine got displayed on first page first line after 5 reviews and here is what me and my friend did.

We became Best seller.s Good buyers change the search options to best selling from relevance and that is where you get good buyers. To have a best selling GIG, it is all about communication. When you complete your project and buyer rates it. They also get an email after few days for another rating that sorts our gigs and leave feedback for fiverr. If you really had worked hard and made your customer happy (not just satisfied) that is where you get success. Try it ! Or you can search “matlab” and find the best selling gig with my name. Remember, I am assuming you have done all necessary modifications such as videos, self made pictures, nice descriptions, and proper tag etc.

Thanks me later 🙂 For any question feel free to ask.

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