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Need Help about gig editing problem


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Hello everyone,

I opened a Fiber account in July. Then I gave 6 gigs … I got 2 orders at the buyer request with 5 star reviews … But after the first order I edited the gigs … The gig on which I got the review has an impression of 1.4k. The rest is a little less. I don’t see any improvement now. In this situation, should I delete my gig and give a new gig or open a new account? Will my gig rank in the new gig? Or did a gig edit result in a bad effect on my account?

Please help me!!!

Thanks in advance.

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Please see:

Guys, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again… Impressions are NOT a good way to determine the success of your gig. We all know by now that there is a Fiverr bug that has erased the impressions listed for your gigs (yes, Fiverr knows about it, and is working on it). Please be patient, and please stop complaining about it. Stop responding as if the sky is falling, or the world has come to an end. Impressions say very little about the success of your gig. In fact, when it comes to success, …
What can you do when your sales have suddenly plummeted? For many people the solution is simple - come on to the forum and complain about something else which “must” have caused this. It is probable that an outside force has caused you to not get as many sales. What is also probable is that you have no control over this “outside force”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good rant or moan every now and then as much as the next guy but I never expect my moan or rant to actually change anything. When …
Introduction– This is not a list on how to make gigs. This is for gigs that are already made that are under-performing, need an overhaul, or just need somewhere to start for self-evaluation/education. It does contain a few general-information bits, and can help during gig creation, but that is neither the focus nor the intent. For more information on any of the following sections or points, please see ‘Other Resources’ under (RRD) at the end of this post. Sections: (TCT) Title, Category, and…
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