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Customer needs to complete and rate the order before he/she can download the file

Guest phydra

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this really concerns me…and bugs me all the time.

a customer ordered my gig, and i gave him the result. But they request a refund for a reason of my flaws that doesn’t even make sense…

It will be really nice, if fiverr will enable “previewing” the delivered products, such as, WHen a customer clicked on a picture/video on a finished product, it will open a new window with the seller’s final product, but with fiverr watermarks all over it, and to disable the watermark, customer needs to complete & rate the order

or when a seller gives an audio as a product, the customer can click on it to preview, or download it but in the lowest quality possible… This will avoid customer just buying things and then claim that it is “not good” or other “customer’s opinion” related stuff where We can’t really argue if its true or not! . and then canceling the order, he/she gets a full refund, and use the product that the seller gives.

And if a seller doesnt want this enabled, he/she has an option on it.

I Really want this option available since it will benefit the seller and the customer for fair purchasing…

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