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Can Someone Please review and provide a thoughtful insight to my gig?


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Hello Forum Family.

I have just launched my new gig related to Facebook ads designing. And, my gig is not performing well as I expected it to perform.

Basically I am a seller that provides content writing on Men’s fashion and style and I recently hired some people to work on ad designing.
So my questions are:-

  1. Should I Operate both gigs with same profile? As content writing and designing are very different gigs in nature.

  2. Any change I should make in my gig, as I am new in social media ad designing and don’t know much about setting up the gig.

Also, I am going to move on Level-1 this month so should I wait till then to see a spike in my gig analytics?

Answers to above questions and any other suggestion would be welcomed.

Thank you, everyone.
Stay safe.

Link to my gig:-


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In regard to question 1: You have to, as multiple accounts are against the ToS.
On Q2: Level 1 Hell - Pass the test - New Sellers

On the gig itself: I’m not impressed with the video. If I were looking to buy, I’d pass up on your gig. The background circles are not circles, only one thing is properly centered, and the product looks like a bad copy/paste.

image728×406 79.5 KB
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