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The worst Customer support Ever


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It’s been more than 18 days that my 2-3 orders are late, Because the buyers ordered the gig and then they didn’t replied to a single message they didn’t even came online to review. So I asked customer support to cancel the order from their side, as it is effecting my completion rate. But here’s how their services work, I requested them to cancel the order when it was only 2-3 days late, and now it’s been 18 days I haven’t received any reply from them, All I got was the automated reply that they some of their support member will reply to my query within 10 days. I waited and now that I see they marked the support ticked as solved. How??
My order is still late, they buyers doesn’t cares because they have nothing to lose but my whole profile is getting affected. How can the fiverr Support mark them as solved when they didn’t even replied to my request. And now i can’t reply on the same ticket as it has been solved according to them.

So I opened another ticket and 2 days later after my 2 messages I got automated reply that my query that they will response in 10 business days, are you really kidding me, My order is already 18 days late and I should wait again for 10 days and no idea they will response or not just like they did to my previous request.

Fiverr customer support is the worst, Their services are getting worst day by day. Here we are doing are 100% to grow our account and this is the service they provide to their seller.

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Fiverr support is definitely the worst ever, absolutely 0 help and they should change their moto of "We are here to help" asap.

I have 50+ 5 star reviews, and after 6 months of doing a gig where every client gave a 5 star review, they decide to block it for some terms of service no sense and not only that, but also refunded ongoing orders, absolutely DISGRACEFUL Fiverr "Support"!

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