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Guest humanissocial

No. Think about it.

Why would it be ethical to hustle your client to get an affiliate sale ,(for a third-party)? It’s so rude and unprofessional.

And why would Fiverr allow you to use their platform to make money from a third-party platform?

Read the ToS and think ethically.

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Hi, is it safe to send an affiliate link of a hosting company to client in inbox.

Yes, and as long as you disclose to them that it’s an affiliate link I don’t see any reason for anyone to claim it’s unethical, rude or unprofessional.

The only thing I’d add is to have your client’s best interest in mind and offer them something they will benefit rather than just offer the one that pays a higher commission.

Exactly my point. And yes I am recommending the sevice which I am using and having a great experience with.

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