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[Fiverr Error] - Gig Stuck On English Test Retake!


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Hello, Fiverr Users,

I’m facing this issue from the past THREE MONTHS and it’s still unsolved and some ppl told me that:

It’s because of your marks are below 7, I thought that can be the issue but NO, it not.

You can see attached images below for your confirmation:

screenshot-www.fiverr.com-2020.08.02-14_24_371280×913 57.1 KB

Here you can see my Score:

screenshot-www.fiverr.com-2020.08.02-14_26_391280×913 66.3 KB

I’ve even passed both of these ENGLISH Test But still, it’s showing and that RETAKE button doesn’t work (it’s greyed out):

screenshot-www.fiverr.com-2020.08.02-14_27_501280×913 50.7 KB

If someone from Fiverr is seeing it, PLEASE resolve this. Some users even reported this issue with the same problem that I’m facing.

Many Fiverr sellers are now creating gig with irrelevant categories and that’s why 50% of sellers aren’t getting orders and it’s also making a BAD impression on buyers. I’ll say it again PLEASE Take notice on this.

Here you can see what YouTubers are doing now: How To Publish Gig Without Giving Tests!

TalhaPreformatted text

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