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Hi, I have a problem that I don't get the code sms on my active and working phone number, support assures me that the problem is with my cell phone company, but no I went to the office and at me sms came to me, they said they updated my sim, but I haven't checked yet. Please tell me, has anyone had problems that sms did not come, and the call does not go because of a platform error ? As much as I do not like the exchange, but this negative experience that I have now with the confirmation of sms, it's just very very very very very bad

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Guest hamiriejoshua

Attempts limit reached

Hi, I'm a new user on Fiverr and I've been trying to verify my phone number but all in vain. I've waited for 24 hours to try again but I haven't been successful. On my first attempt, the code was sent after hours of waiting and right now, I'm completely stuck making no progress. Can someone help me please.

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