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I want my money back from an incapable seller who only gets 19.5 marks out of 100


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Hi guys,

I am a buyer.

I have ordered three hours’ service from the seller ahmad_arafat for 100 USD.

I requested him to complete 100 objective questions in accounting and asked him to get 50 out of 100. It is a three-hour one-attempt test.

However, during the test, he was too slow and incapable of completing most of the questions that I sent to him. I had to finish some parts by myself. In the next 24 hours, the results came back. It was 29.5% and I also showed the screenshot of test results as proof. Remember I completed at least 10 questions by myself (with the exact questions can be found on the internet.) So basically he was only capable of getting 16.5-19.5 in a test with 100 questions.

I was trying to negotiate with him. You know what, he told me at least 60USD sounds reasonable for him. And he blamed me for requesting him to send me the answers in Microsoft word, which I requested on the order page, 20 hours earlier than the exam. He could have discussed it with me or cancelled the order if putting answers in Microsoft word would actually have an impact on his work quality. He also blamed me for requesting him to clarify the answers that he already gave which wasted his time to finish other questions. But the answers that he sent to me were messy and I had difficulty figuring out putting the answers he sent to the answer sheets in accordance.

These are clear excuses for his incompetency!!!

Before I placed the order, I showed him the sample test so that he could have an idea on what types of questions that he would actually encounter and he could have an evaluation on whether he would be capable of doing the test. He should have known he did not have the capabilities to finish it but he took it anywhere.

I requested a refund. He declined and declined and declined!!!

I understand he did spend 3 hours. However, does it sound fair for buyers to pay the sellers just because he invested time and efforts, regardless of the work quality?
We could have found a more qualified seller if he hadn’t made such false promises.

Hey, guys, what should I do in this situation? How long does it take to get a response for Fiverr customer service?

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