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I received a request from a buyer, but how do you respond? With the delivery of the order or is an agreement reached first?


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If they have ordered from you and you have done the work they put in the requirements then you can deliver.
You can send them a custom offer if they haven’t ordered from your gig directly (if they’ve asked for one).

There’s no way to deliver an order if the buyer hasn’t made an order.

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What do I do

How about pressing the big green button that says “create an offer”? 😉

They just wrote what they need, nothing more. You can direct them to order from your gig or create an offer for them.

I would also strongly advise to watch a free course on fiverr learn on how to be great seller where they explain how fiverr works.

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When you click “send offer” it takes you to a screen where you can select the most fitting gig of yours for that offer, with a text box in which you can write your cover message (the “Hello, I make business cards…” stuff), plus some extra options like the delivery time and price you will choose to present yourself with.

The buyer will either:

  1. contact you for further inquiries;
  2. order from you directly;
  3. choose another seller.
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