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A Fiverr Beginners Sellers Checklist


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Hi guys & gals,

Over your time on Fiverr, it’ll be good for you to work off of a to-do list or a check-list. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, check-lists are important.

Here’s the check-list I used before creating my first gig:

  1. Analyse the competition
  2. Jot down the competitions tags and gig titles
  3. Run various searches, e.g. if you want to design a logo, see which results appear when you search for “Logo Design”, “Business logos”, “Create a Logo”, etc.
  4. Make sure you create a video. If you can, appear in it yourself or at least use your own voice.
  5. Be very clear. State exactly what it is you’re offering for $5
  6. If you can, try and deliver your gig within 24 hours.

    Once you’ve followed the above, please don’t make the mistake many make, which is to leave your gig alone. Your gig needs to be loved by you, so continue to research the competition and see what changes they’ve made. Also, feed your gig by posting it on your Facebook timeline or even create a page specifically for your gig and invite your friends to ‘Like’ the page and view your gig.

    Facebook Ads work too. if you’ve got a budget for it, go ahead and create one. Oh, and never forget Twitter. Tweet your gig link to your followers and tell them why they should order from you!

    By following these guidelines and adding your own initiative to the mix, you’ll soon be on your way to hitting Level 1!

    Warm regards,


    PS. If you want to issue a press release announcement about your new Fiverr business, check out my press release gig - http://fiverr.com/smartwebcontent/write-a-press-release. I’d be happy to help you out.

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