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No response from Buyers after proposal creation


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Hello All,
I hope everybody is doing fine. I am new to Fiverr. Just to follow the standard process, I have chat conversations. Then even zoom conversations regarding understanding the requirements from the buyer. And once I get the verbal agreement with the buyer. I create a proposal. But once the proposal is sent, no response from the buyer.
Has anyone faced a situation like this? Please let me the know the best practice to follow for the Seller like me.


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So that does happen, most of the time when buyers reach out to you, they are reaching out to many people at once, so you need to make yourself stand out, ask many questions, get their feedback and continue to engage them. People will respond if you are genuinely interested in their order and show that you care 🙂

Most likely that buyer was talking to a few sellers and they just went with another option, it might also not have been anything you done wrong, just sometimes that how it goes.

But don’t worry! Just keep it up and you will get some orders 🙂

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