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Social Media Gigs & Security

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I offer a variety of social media services but I have run into a common issue that seems to repeat its self just about every time I start a new gig. I’m sure you have all ran into the various security verifications required by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. You know, the ones where it says you’ve logged in from a different location than the normal one and it flags the login, sends a text message to the account holder’s number that’s only active for like 3 minutes and locks the account preventing access.

What do you all do to work around this issue with your clients? I realize why there are security measures but I am looking for a “best practice” way to work with it. I know every time I use the word “email” in a fiverr chat, it gets flagged even though I am directing my client to check the email associated with their social media account they’ve hired me to work on and provide me with the verification code so that I can access it.

This brings up another issue–how do you prevent fiverr from flagging legitimate discussion where these words come up? I already had my account accidentally flagged for it once a while back. I did contact customer service about it and was told to revise my gig but sometimes this still requires some explanation on my part to the client.

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