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Launching Promoted Gigs


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when fiverr launch this gig promotion feature for all means level two or TRS

We don’t know when it will be available for everyone who meets the requirements. Could be a month, could be a year, could be never.

Pretty sure it won’t be for everyone. The main idea is to not have an overload of gigs without reviews. They are only offering the opportunity for vetted people, to keep things under control

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And if I’m not mistaken,

Isn’t Fiverr had this feature couple years ago.

Maybe in around 2016-2017 or something around that year.

I used to get an invitation where I could pay a little amount of $ to get my gig promoted.

Maybe a seller with 4 years above experience of joining Fiverr had the same experience?

Is this the same like that time?

I actually got an invitation for the ads but at the time I scoffed at it because I am so cheap and never have paid for an ad anywhere! I didn’t realize at the time that it would be such a hot forum topic lol!

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that will suppress the exposure to new sellers

New sellers need to learn how to build their own exposure, instead of expecting Fiverr to do it for them. If new sellers were allowed to participate in the ads program, they would quickly swamp the system, and make it useless for it’s intended purpose. Fiverr clearly wants successful, experienced sellers to be the only sellers who are allowed to purchase promotion within their categories.

It’s also worth noting that new sellers don’t have the funds in their Fiverr accounts to purchase promotion. Level 2 and TRS sellers already have earned funds within their accounts to purchase the optional promoted visibility.

Already we r not getting enough.

New sellers already have a short-term bump in the search algorithm. It is their responsibility to build upon that, and keep the momentum going. There is no such thing as new sellers, “not getting enough”. New sellers do not deserve everything that they want, just because they want it. New sellers need to earn their success, just like the veteran sellers have done.

I know, but new seller doesn’t mean that they are new Freelancers. I myself am a freelancer from last 2 years (Not on fiverr). I know the process, rules, client handling etc. Still no improvements. I am selling my $100 services for about $20 on fiverr.

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