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Launching Promoted Gigs


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On 7/30/2020 at 10:08 PM, mjensen415 said:


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Sometimes even top-rated sellers with excellent reviews need a little assistance getting their Gig in front of new buyers. Why? Because there’s tons of amazing talent to be discovered on Fiverr. But today we’re launching a simple way to help your Gig stand out from the rest, introducing Promoted Gigs.

Promoted Gigs provides talented and experienced freelancers on Fiver the opportunity to grow and expand their business with only a few clicks. With Promoted Gigs, high-quality freelancers on Fiverr now have the chance to amplify and enhance their business as well as grow their revenue.

What are the other benefits of Promoted Gigs?

Show your Gigs in prime locations. Once your bid is accepted, it will appear in the most desirable area of the page — the top.

Pay only for results. You’ll only pay for valid clicks, not traffic — so you won’t be charged unless someone clicks on your Gig.

Control the amount you spend . Set a daily limit to help control how much you spend, and update your daily limit daily to continue to outbid your competitors for prime placements.

Boost your revenue, maximize your visibility, and get your Gig in front of more buyers.

How do I set up an ad?
What Gigs can be promoted?
How can I change my bid?
How to manage my daily spend limit?
How do I deactivate my promoted Gig?
How am I charged for my ad’s activity?
Where will my ad appear and who can see it?
How can I measure my ad’s success and optimize it?

All information and questions can be found here:

I used this and get more project everyday. Thank you.

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