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Confirmation that buyer have read the description

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You should add some kind of confirmation message for the buyers.

If I mark my listing as it HAS crucial information in the description of the GIG, the buyer must check the box that he had read carefully the description.

Some times it’s impossible to tell everything in the header and irresponsible buyers doesn’t bother to read the descriptions and buys, then read’s it and decides to cancel.

It’s a waste of time and reputation!

In my opinion it’s a huge issue!

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Yes, indeed.

However afterall your buyer is providing you with your income.

There however should be a feature which would enable sellers to accept the order request and in that has the buyers submitted info. And what the buyer wrote that’s what the delivered product should be.

Anything he doesn’t like afterward and leaves a negative review get’s deleted by fiverr as it was not stated at the beginning.

Don’t you think this is a great idea?

🙂 Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

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I agree as well. This also would curb another issue I have from time to time. Where a buyer purchases my gig, but leaves no instructions, or they “accidentally” purchase the gig and now it has to be cancelled in either case. Now I have a cancellation on my record for errant clicks. A confirmation button would keep this from happening.

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