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I am a buyer in fiverr & What I like most of a seller?

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I work with new seller and level 1seller… But believe me…

Level 1 seller

You will surprised if you make a text conversation with a level 1 seller… You will must say that… The seller is perfect. His most important thik is that… He will do his work in time. You will not get only all the thing that he wrote in his gig but also you will get more then that. He will never promise you anything that he will not able to do.

New seller - he just trying to convince his gig visitor. When i asked them… Please send me sample… He says that. I will make a new one for you… Ooohh Rubbish. Why you did not make a sample of your work? Why will i buy your gig??? They most of the time offer unlimited revision… Please do not do this… Give a option to your buyer like…i will give you 5 revision in 10 dollars. Or what you want to do his job very perfectly.
Always be clear. Keep clear… This is my opinion to all new seller…and all respective seller. Fiverr is the best place.

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