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What happens if an order is 24 hours past due and an extension request is open?


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Hi there,

I received an order 3 days ago that required me to be invited to a collaborative editing program. I was busy with other orders on the first day and yesterday I finally got around to this order (the gig has a 2-day delivery time). I had some concerns about whether I would be able to complete the order on time so I asked the buyer for a 1-day extension along with asking him to add me to his collaborative game edit.

This was over 36 hours ago and I still haven’t received a reply from this buyer, he is currently “Away” and I’m unable to complete his work and deliver it unless he adds me to his collaborative edit. The order is now 12 hours late and I’m concerned with what will happen if it hits 24 hours. I understand that in regular circumstances, this will result in a cancellation and negative review but will this be the case even if an extension request is open?

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