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Buyers went "missing"


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First, do let me clarified that I’m a new seller, offering gigs on drawing anime arts (illustration thingy).

So the thing is I mentioned in my gigs to let the buyers message me before making order as I don’t wish any misunderstanding or cancellation happens. And I do received several PM from different buyers in the past few days, some from buyer request, some from my gigs. (Which I would consider a good thing as they are my potential customers.) The messages generally start with the buyers, saying what they want from my gigs. However, most of them didn’t provide enough details and therefore I always reply them to ask for more details.

The problem is some of them didn’t reply to my message and I’m sure they are online. I did ask them whether they are interested to continue after a period of time (say like half or a full day), but they still didn’t reply.

The another problem comes up when I have done discussing with the buyers on their expected outcome. Instead of offering a custom offer that match the buyers’ needs directly, I always ask them in message whether they are okay with the price. And they just went “missing” after seeing the message! I do check the last online clock and they did online. I did ask them whether they are interested to continue after a period of time. But no reply from them too (I did saw them online).

I just want to know what causes these scenarios to happens? I’m guessing are they trying to get cheap stuff from me just because I’m a new seller (which they might assume I will weigh orders & reviews more than money). The buyers shows high interests on my gigs before I offer the price. I did offer a reasonable prices that match with what they needs, all the costs are stated on my gigs. And they just went “missing” after knowing the price. Not even a reply.

What should I do to things like these? Should I just swallow it and offer a low price to please the buyers just because I’m a newbie here? 😟

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