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Why this is my last topic/post on Fiverr


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I started a topic on percentage of fiverr sales that were directly from Fiverr as opposed to deriving from social media. A Rapper responded and said he was doing well with his gigs( rapping gigs) directly here.

I said that was great. Then I posted this for which my post was flagged as off topic by the community?, then removed. I mean seriously?

Yo, so I see you doing rap
Not no techno crap
Slam down on the beat
Jamming on yo feet

Say hey say ho
Let your body go
Say hey say ho
J6 makin dough

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Is this your first warning?

Because we all got like 20-40 of these being on forum, and maybe 25% is justifiable. If you are active, I mean.

It’s the first flag I have noticed. It says flagged post removed by staff, the community feels it is not a good fit for the topic.

It just seems to me in the short time I am here that the censorship is unwarranted and honestly has a communist feel to it. I have brought about 13/14 gigs to Fiverr since joining a few weeks ago, but reconsidering if this is a forum I want to be part of.

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