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How will I promote my gig in fiverr


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You may find these articles helpful:


Introduction– This is not a list on how to make gigs. This is for gigs that are already made that are under-performing, need an overhaul, or just need somewhere to start for self-evaluation/education. It does contain a few general-information bits, and can help during gig creation, but that is neither the focus nor the intent. For more information on any of the following sections or points, please see ‘Other Resources’ under (RRD) at the end of this post. Sections: (TCT) Title, Category, and…

In my recent poll, the following results occurred. 51% of us admitted “I do not do enough marketing”30% of us know/believe “I do not show up in search results”Only 12% of us have “got an order from a client I brought to Fiverr myself”Only 10% of us have “got an order from a client through social media”7% said “Our marketing is not working even though I spend time and money on it”It is clear that we need to do more ourselves to build our business and increase our sales. If you read the fo…

We’ve all seen these posts here on the forum from time to time. Many sellers have the same question: “Why isn’t my gig visible when I search for it?” and “What’s up with Fiverr’s algorithm? My gig is on the last page!!!”. In this post I’ll try to answer those questions, and give some (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks to help you rank your gig in Fiverr Search, and get more orders and better visibility. This isn’t a full-proof guide in any way. Following these tips doesn’t guarantee top plac…

So many new sellers come on the forum complaining that they have been on the site for a few days or weeks and are fed up waiting for orders. Some sellers wait months or more to get their first order! Don’t wait! Check out: https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers for hundreds of tips on how to get orders. Take time to read, learn, and take action! That is the only way to get orders! Be a Doer! Try it out for yourself! Good luck! slightly_smiling_face
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Tips For You

Active 24/7

Daily Send buyer request

Share Your Gig On Social media & quora

Good Communication on buyer

Update Your Skill

Make portfolio

Branding Your Name On Google Search Result

Active On Fiverr Forum

Make Seautiful gig

Don’t Spam

Active 24/7 (false)

Share Your Gig On Social media & quora (spamming Fiverr links won’t help)

Active On Fiverr Forum (false)

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  1. Optimizing gig title by using relevant keyword in it.
  2. Optimizing gig description.
  3. Remaining active and online all time.
  4. Improving your gig impression, conversion, and views.
  5. Maintaining high rating and better reviews.
  6. using gig videos.
  7. Optimizing gig image(s).
  8. Creating multiple gigs.

I think using all these tips above, you would be able to improve your gig. 🙂

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Haven’t you ever watched Twilight? LOL Edward never slept. LOL


There are zero “real” vampires in Twilight. I’m talking the real vampires, like “The Lost Boys”, “Interview with a Vampire”, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, “Queen of the Damned”, “Fright Night”, “Hotel Transylvania”…LoL don’t get me started.

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Sleep when you are tired.

Promote your talent/skill on social media, not a Fiverr link.

Use the forum for the purpose it was intended for, gathering information and learning.

Wow extraordinary tips thank you but facebook is not a good platform now. Because seller are much more than buyers. What say is it a time waste?

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