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How Much TIme A Buyer Request Last?


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They ‘last’ as long as the haven’t met requirements of 10 offers from each of the three levels of sellers.

(I can’t cite a source for this, unfortunately, but it seems to be sound from what I’ve witnessed.)

But I dont think a

5$ offer will be accepted by a 2 level or top level seller .

But from my experience there were 30-40 offers are received by a 5$ request which probably consists of 80% new sellers.

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Buyers put out requests. Sellers make offers. If a buyer wants to accept a $5 offer, that’s their prerogative. Also, you don’t know what other sellers are bidding. Unless it’s stated in the request itself, some buyers put that ‘$5’ in as a placeholder. It’s your job to make an honest bid. If the seller wants too much for $5, either put your estimate for how much the task will actually cost, or only offer what you’re willing to provide for $5.

For your consideration:

On behalf of Fonthaunt (feel free to refer to this post): Buyer Request Help: This is not an official statement but I can give out some general information based on what has been observed about Buyer Requests. If this does not resolve your issues, you may try self-promotion instead or contact Support. For other FAQ’s about Buyer Requests including Support comments see this post. If you do not have a very high feedback rating, you may not be able to see new Buyer Requests. The exact perce…
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