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Buyer can't give tip!


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How’s that not allowed?

In this case I wouldn’t suggest the OP doing so since it hasn’t been a direct request from their buyer, but I see nothing wrong in creating a custom order that doesn’t produces any deliverable product/service so a buyer can show their appreciation, again only if they have explicitly requested.

When I joined Fiverr the tipping system was already in place, but before that I know for a fact a lot of sellers would have ‘tipping’ gigs solely for this and Fiverr didn’t seem to have a problem with that back then.

The buyer would pay the same amount as if they were tipping (fees included), the seller will receive the same amount and so will Fiverr, so I don’t see why that wouldn’t be allowed.

OP: Bear in mind that this could be a less confrontational way for your buyer not to tip without having to tell you so, since Fiverr is being a bit pushy about it, so as a rule of thumb don’t ever discuss that with a buyer.

In this case I’d thank them for trying to tip, but for them not to worry about it as the important thing is that they’re satisfied, and that you’d be happy to help them in the future if they need.

Because you can’t submit an empty delivery and you can’t create an order that has a price of opportunity to make a tip. It isn’t possible.

The poster said to create a new custom order just for a tip for a previous order. He already did the order. You can’t create an order for free to tip the person for a previous order. None of that is even possible. The only way to do this would be to use the lowest number for an order, $5, and then the buyer could choose the tip on top of that and make sure you include whatever you mention in the custom offer.

Unless you mean to choose the tip you want, make a custom offer for that and get the buyer to buy it, which is not okay.

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That isn’t possible, @reza_asif.

If you mean to make deliver a placeholder with the price acting as a tip, that is not allowed.

Please fact check before advising.

If you mean to make deliver a placeh

older with the price acting as a tip, that is not allowed.

It’s allowed.


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