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We need a "Must Attach Document" feature for certain categories


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Some customer love to forget to attach the requested documents, then they also love to not respond to our calls, while the clock is already started. So, I’d like to ask Fiverr to add a feature to the Writing category (Or every other category), namely that if in the Seller’s instructions the word ATTACH appears, the buyer must attach a document, otherwise they can’t send anything and can’t start the clock. Or better, give us an option at Gig Creation to have a chance to select “Customer must attach document to the Gig” enabled / disabled feature.

This is my second event, when the buyer a, forgot to attach the document, and b, don’t answer for a call, and honestly, I have enough work already, so I don’t have time to hunt these people down one by one. But I also don’t want to ask a mutual cancellation, because the buyer forgot to attach the document.

Sheriff’s Note: Post moved to SUGGESTION BOX where someone from Fiverr might actually see it.

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