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Hello! I am new seller on fiverr

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Welcome to the Community.

Fiverr is really a great platform. I would suggest to Watch this Free Course .

qnaZXy6uQJusGog1uF4U_favicon%20%282%29.icoLearn from Fiverr

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Sir, why my Giga is not sell ?

This is my second day of Fiverr

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Welcome to the fiverr platform.

Please follow below steps to get your first order

  1. Send 10 offer everyday.
  2. Send offers with proper text as per buyers request.
  3. Try to be online maximum time and refresh your page frequently.
  4. Share your gigs to social media.
  5. Dont share any personal details on fiverr.

I got my first job after a month of creation of this account.

Best of luck and do fiverring… 😇
Thank you.

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