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I Just Bought a Car With my Fiverr Earnings - Ask Me Anything


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Hi, Brandon, I’m very new to Fiverr. Glad to know about your success, makes me want to try harder as well. I’ve made just 80 bucks in my first 10 days, hope to do more as I get promoted to level 1. I have 3 basic questions (which might be very basic for you, but I still don’t know the answers to them.)

  1. I’ve made more than 20 sales, 100% positive, but I’ve not yet been promoted to Level One. What should I do to get promoted ?

  2. I have 3 mutual cancellations. Does a mutual cancellation affect my ratings on Fiverr ?

  3. Paypal or local bank transfer - which is the cheaper option, given that I live outside the US ?

    Looking forward to your answers. Thanks.

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Reply to @writer99025:

Wow, nice job getting that many orders in just a couple of weeks!

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. You wait. The level 1 promotion is almost entirely automated at this point. You’ll get it when you flip the appropriate switches so to speak. If you feel you have, just wait for the next database update.

    If you have gone longer than 30 days without the promotion, then write a CS ticket.

  2. Yes, it negatively impacts your ability to get promoted at the very least. Other possible effects are not disclosed, though I believe it matters in terms of gig placement and some other things. That’s strictly personal opinion though.

  3. Local bank transfer? This is not even an option for me, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I thought I could use PayPal and their silly card (which has more fees), but no ACH option is available to me that I’m aware of.

    I can ACH myself from -PayPal-, but that’s -after- the Fiverr withdrawal.

    So basically, for a non-USA seller I’m not sure on this one. Sorry 😦 Can someone else help maybe? I doubt anyone reads this thread but me after this long.
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hope you can help because Fiverr customer service can’t. I uploaded a Video to my gig and it says Video Disabled. By any chance do you know how I can enable it or get it to work on my gig? Please help! I have attached a picture of what I mean.

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Guest mudpuddlefarms

Congrats on the car. If you are still taking questions I would like to know how to promote a creative gig? We came up with something unique, Squirrels and nuts (lol) and we have gotten a few orders but they seemed to have stopped.

It is a gig that requires work for us as we do them custom each time and then have to wait for the squirrel/s to show up, so we would love to get to level 1 or 2 and be able to add gig extras.

What can we do different with our gig description?


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I really admire people like you, who actually reached something, I believe with passionate hard work.

I don’t want to waste your time, but may I ask if you had any suggestions for my drawing&caricature gigs? I’d love to keep those two offers up, but I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly :c

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Guest great_promoter

I have a question:
why is it that when a seller create a gig the seller will not have sales or message from buyer i have tried so much promoting my gig but no customers.
please can you tell me some tips and i will forever be grateful.

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Guest best_promoters

I glorify God for your success, please what is the truth and the whole truth/secret of making much sales on Fiverr?

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Hello! And congratulations about your car! It’s amazing that this page helped you to earn it.
I have a question: How can I get people to notice my Gigs? I am new in this site (I’ve been here like 2 days) and I want to know what can I do or what I need to do for making sales on Fiverr.
Thank you!

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