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Help needed to understand the orders issue


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Hello All,

I am a level 1 seller on fiverr with 60+ complete orders having 5 star overall rating. Recently i was promoted to level 1 and since then i haven’t received a single order yet.
I tried to contact CS on this but so far no update from them. Could someone tell me that is it something normal or i need to do something else.
Its been more than 7 days and now its getting scary.


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At some point, hearing about freelance, you think, “wow, I can make that kind of money on the side?!” Maybe you read an article or watched a YouTube video and it all sounded perfect for you. You do some research and find fiverr. By far the easiest way to get started in freelance. You sign up, build a gig, do some research, refine your gig, and jump into the market. You get the boost for being a new seller and you quickly rack up a few sales. Everything feels perfect and you’re ready to take ov…
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