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My first Fiver experience! Want to know your story

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Hello everyone, glad to see you in this thread 🙂
Let’s get acquainted, tell us how you started your journey on Fiver, what you did, it will be very interesting to know 🙂
Not so long ago I received the first orders, and what exactly was the product from which I did not expect anything. For the first 2 weeks no one even saw my work, but then the first customer appeared. He was very good and kind. Now he is my regular customer, I have already done 3 works for him! Also, I have another new customer, it seems that he liked everything too, I am waiting for him to write a review 🙂 I really like working here, although at first I was worried, since it was a long time even views.
I hope that now everything will be easier, I will try to create more high-quality products for my store! If you are interested, I am making 3D models of living beings, drop by me 🙂
Thank you for reading, I look forward to your stories!

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