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Improvements to the 'Instructions to Buyer'

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Hi guys & gals,

I would like to see us given more characters to play with when it comes to the Instructions to Buyers area.

For instance, I offer two gigs which relate to press releases and find myself somewhat restricted when it comes to asking questions from my buyers (especially with my press release gig).

To write a professional press release about an announcement I know nothing about, from a company I’ve never heard of, and from people I’ve never worked with, means I need as much input as humanly possible from the buyer.

What I have found is that many buyers aren’t too familiar with the processes of creating press releases, which is fair enough. Therefore, I like helping them along by providing example answers to my questions. That’s impossible with just 400+ characters and I am feeling a little restricted.

Is there anyone else that’s experiencing some difficulties with the size of the Instructions to Buyer box?

How do you overcome the issues?

I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Warm regards,


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