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My First Negative Review

Guest nicred

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Felling pretty sad about this, especially since I over over OVER delivered for this person - I tried to bargain with the buyer but clearly they wanted none of it.

Contacted CS so all I can do now is hope. I hope this doesnt mean I will never become a top rated seller.

Feeling BLEAK!!!

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Reply to @madmoo: Thank you, yeah I tried to reason but alas 😦

Anyway Im not going to let it get me down, I know what my time is worth and I know I am not a scammer. The universe will decide what happens next 😃

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I took a look at the reviews, and based on what you said in your feedback it seems they were pushing you to deliver work they didn’t purchase and you didn’t intend on delivering. This is violation of Fiverr’s policy.

This might help to know too: “Very carefully know and understand what you paid for. Read the Sellers Gig description and check other Buyers reviews on what to expect from this Seller.” and " buyers should effectively communicate what they’re requesting to a Seller that complies with their Gigs description. Buyers are responsible for the information sent to sellers. Consider re-reading what you want them to do versus what their Gig advertises to understand if its clear or not." http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/201695337-Marketplace-Etiquette

If you’re descripition clearly stated what provided for $5 and Customer Service sees the screenshots that you communicated with the buyer and kept pushing you to deliver or provide Gig extras they didn’t purchase. They should remove it like Madmoo said.

I would revise your comments (keep them negative) and clearly stated what happened is avoiding the use of adjectives and sayings like “bells and whistles” so prospective buyers know what happened. They pushed to deliver work they didn’t pay for - which is not only unprofessional, but goes against Fiverr’s policy & TOS.

Once your feedback is revised in a more professional/clear yet direct l way, screenshot it and the ENTIRE orders conversation and start a new ticket. Explain they pushed you to delivery work with Gig extras if they didn’t purchase them. Screen shot your Gig description and Gig extras and link back to them in in your Customer Service ticket.

“Uncool” is used in TOS and I would remind Customer Service of this, and the “abuse” (also in TOS) that took place. You are your own best defender. Make sure it’s organized, link (cites) back to policies, TOS to support your ticket.

Again, they should remove it. Buyers can’t push sellers to give me Gig extras as free hand outs. That’s not how the system works, and abuse like this isn’t tolerated amongst the community. Sorry to hear about your bad buyer experience! I hope it works out! 🙂

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Reply to @thepromogirl: Thank you for the detailed post 🙂

I just finished chatting to the buyer and he agreed to remove the negative feedback for a refund. Id rather lose a bit of money and time than have my rating scorched.

I am happy to have resolved this issue, but still feel like it should never have happened.

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I’m not sure if this could be in THIS area, but it feels impossible, even after lots of searching and prying, to contact someone about the following:

I received a WARNING because I apparently shared email information or something with a seller.

HOWEVER, the information I was sharing was LOGIN information pertaining DIRECTLY to the gig and NOT at all to communicate outside of Fiverr. This is an ongoing issue.

Almost any way I share something that DOES pertain to information about webdesign login, seo, etc information it seems to flag it.

Again, I am not sharing my email address for getting in touch -

The RECENT issue was that I had to give the SELLER direct LOG IN INFORMATION which happens to be an email address, etc.

So I feel somewhat ‘offed’ since I adhere to rules/regulations and yet still get ‘flagged’.

So WHO do we DIRECTLY contact concerning something FIVERR ITSELF does?

Not another user, not a bug, but FIVERR.

Is there a TRUE customer support that we can explain a situation to?

A HUMAN LIFE that we can share our personal discrepancies to?


but when something like this happens all of a sudden we are searching literally forever trying to find a direct ‘line’ to someone that can wipe away that crazy ‘YOU’VE BEEN FLAGGED, YOU n**i’.

Thank’s to all!



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Guest seanbrunke4

I have a question how do I contact Fiverr? I cannot find a way to communicate with anyone at Fiverr.

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