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Bogus Buyer Scammer Increasing Due to Covid 19 Crisis


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Buyer sent private message saying he’d been to a lot of sellers but all them canceled his order. So now he’s hoping that we won’t cancel his order. Despite the audio’s bad quality, we proceeded out of professionalism and sympathy. In our team, we always make sure all orders are completed.

We spent a lot of time and effort to proofread the transcript, hoping to increase the accuracy since it is poorly recorded - the speakers are far from the mic and the accent was too much.

To our dismay, this buyer requested cancellation of the order after we delivered saying the transcript was very poor in quality, which was very disheartening, disappointing because we exerted lots of time and effort just to complete it and now he’s asking for cancellation.

And, we already expected that it would be canceled because based on experience in this site, every time a buyer asks for cancellation, it would be granted regardless. I hope that Fiverr finds more ways to protect us, the sellers, from this type of buyers.

We checked his profile and found out it was blank except his name and location. There we realized, it was just a plot to stain our team’s reputation just like what other bogus buyers did. That is the reason why he had no seller reviews on his profile ever since he opened an account on Fiverr.

I don’t know why some people do this.

To the bogus buyers, if others are performing better than you, why would you bring them down? Can’t you just give your best as well so that you get a better rating? Our team has been working hard to deliver great output and maintain good rating. Please stop making our experience bad.

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Annoying buyers do this to save their money and this is extremely annoying! What you see here is a case of trolling. You were trolled. I’ve seen many YouTubers doing such trolls and it gets annoying sometimes. When some YouTubers do it, it’s still fine because in the end, they either give them a tip or give new sellers their first review! I guess this got some bad buyers thinking and this is where we are now…

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