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Share your first order experience on fiverr


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I got my first order approximately after a year or 14 months. It was a result of a buyer request and was a 90$ order. I completed the work and when delivered it, the buyer went offline and after three days the order went completed by itself (fiverr automatically completed that).

After a day or so, the buyer contacted me asked for some revisions in inbox. I did what he was asking and thus he left with a “Thank You”.

Auto completed orders don’t have reviews, so I was really not happy with that experience. Lol

Wish you all best of luck. **

Never Give Up!


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Lets improve each others Gigs

I am using for Fiverr for the last 6 months now i have got almost 20 orders without paying so much attention. I will not claim myself a fiverr guru there is a lot which i can learn from others and may be you can learn from me. So in this topic we will Visit each others gigs and give genuine Suggestions and share our past experiences and knowledge to make each other’s account perfect. Lets make some rules to make this process efficient. Give Suggestion for at least one gig before asking for yo…
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